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The Story Behind The Site

Author Stephen Dafoe

A History and Mythos of the Knights Templar ( began on September 21, 1997 with the purpose of providing information on the history, mystery, myth and legacy of the Templars.

The site was created by Stephen Dafoe, a Canadian author, who has written several books on the subjects of the Knights Templar and Freemasonry, most notably:

The Compasses and the Cross

Nobly Born: An Illustrated History of the Knights Templar

The Knights Templar Revealed

The Warriors and the Bankers

Additionally, Dafoe has written a variety of articles on the subject for a variety of publications including The Scottish Rite Journal, Knight Templar Magazine, Templar History Magazine, The Temple and Ariadne's Web.

Variety of Articles

Interest in the Templars is wide-ranging. For this reason, has always tried to provide a balanced mix of historical and speculative material, as well as pieces on current events connected to the Templars.

Publication of any article does not imply that we agree with the content. The validity of the information is left up to the reader. To assist in separating the materials, the site has been divided into several categories, with each article clearly marked as Templar History or Templar Mythos, for example.

Templar Discussion Forum

Our discussion forum at is run by an enthusiastic and competent team of moderators. You are invited to participate, but please keep in mind we receive many spam accounts and manually screen all new members to ensure they are human.

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